Why a Podiatrist?

Maybe you’ve never visited a podiatrist before. Perhaps you’ve never seen a need to go to a foot and ankle doctor, and therefore, the topic has not been given much thought. That’s okay. I’m here today to tell you why seeing a podiatrist may be just what the doctor ordered. My name is Doctor Nathan [...]

Pretty Feet

Do you long to have pretty feet again? Have you noticed others whose feet looked so pampered and perfect, while yours are cracked and aching? I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas and I can help. I run a podiatry office here in Memphis, where I specialize in helping people keep their feet healthy and beautiful. There’s no [...]

Steps to Eliminating Heel Pain, Part Three

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your heel pain, today is the day. This is Doctor Nathan Lucas and I am a podiatrist here in Memphis. Let’s take a look at part three of my series on steps to eliminating heel pain. If you engage in athletic activities, it is important to take a [...]