What are Hammertoes?

Hammertoes are certainly an enigma. This progressive condition, however, is easy to identify. Hello friends, it’s Doctor Nathan Lucas, your favorite podiatrist here in Memphis.  I would like to talk to you today about hammertoes and how to know if you indeed have this foot ailment. Hammertoes most commonly develop on the second toe, but [...]

Healing Hammertoes, Part One

While some people may try to use home remedies in order to avoid seeing a doctor, when it comes to hammertoes, it is important not to take chances with your feet. I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, a podiatrist here in Memphis, and I would like to share part one of a three part series on treatments [...]

Healing Hammertoes, Part Two

Hammertoes are no fun; but then again, what kind of foot ailment is? Thankfully, there is hope for healing hammertoes. I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, and today I would like to present part two of my three part series on some of the home remedies that many try to implement in their attempt to correct their [...]