Neuropathy and Frostbite: a Dangerous Combination

I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, and today I would like to speak to residents of Memphis who suffer from diabetes and neuropathy about why it’s important to avoid frostbite. Neuropathy, a condition often experienced by those with diabetes, affects the body’s ability to feel, and therefore, hot and cold often cannot be discerned. A person with [...]

What Are the Functions of Foot Muscles?

Hello, this is Doctor Nathan Lucas, your favorite podiatrist in Memphis. Today I would like to talk to you about foot muscles. Everyone knows why muscles of the arm are important, but not many people know why foot muscles are necessary. Muscles in the feet are of utmost importance to the body as they serve [...]

What is the Medial Plantar Nerve?

Most of us don’t give any thought to the nerves in our feet, at least until those nerves are pinched or are affected by other disorders. Hi, I’m Doctor Nathan Lucas, a foot doctor in Memphis, and I would like to teach you today about a very important nerve in the foot called the medial [...]